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Shepperton Feb 23

With the Nene WWC fully booked we travelled to Shepperton instead for some flatwater paddling with maybe a bit of moving water if the weir was running.

The five of us (Paddy, Tim, Verena, Maria, Tiago) loaded up Paddys car with boats and kit, and set off on the hour-ish drive to Shepperton lock.

A quick look at the weir confirmed it wasn’t high but did have enough volume to create some whitewater, but first it was a warm up paddle to the back weir, then a little bit of ferry gliding practice across one of the tributaries.

Practice over and it was on to the slalom gates in front of the main weir. Paddy mapped out a small course and everyone had a go at hitting the gates in order in the moving water - with varying levels of success!

Before long a local kayak club turned up and after a quick chat showed us a couple of friendly play waves that were off a side chute of the main channel. Everyone was able to have a crack at a little bit of wave surfing and we’ll be able to use them again now we know they are there!

After a fun few hours we finished up at the local pub for a beer and a meal before the drive home.

Great day out!


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