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The club paddle the Thames Tideway regularly throughout the year. 

This part of the Thames is tidal and as such there can be strong flows, (Tide and current). These sessions are not suitable for complete beginners. You must have experience and knowledge of capsize and rescue drills, which can be obtained at the pool sessions. You must also be able to paddle in a relatively straight line most of the time.


Please contact us if you would like to attend a session and give details of your previous kayaking experience. 


Where and when

We meet at the club container behind Barn Elms Boathouse..   These sessions are run on an ad hoc basis when there is a river leader available to run the session. This currently tends to be on a Sunday morning 11-1pm.



The hire of club kit is covered by the session fee.  This includes kayak, paddle, buoyancy aid, cag, deck and helmet. 

You will need to bring:

  • Synthetic clothing that does not hold water, (thermal top and bottoms or similar)

  • Wetsuit boots or old shoes you don’t mind getting wet

  • Towel

  • Change of clothes


The sessions cost £5 for members, £10 for non-members requiring club kit. This is payable by bank transfer to the club account. 

Club Container

We store most of our kayaks and kit in a secure shipping container situated within Barn Elms Sportsground behind South Bank Sailing Club on the River Thames near Putney.

Access to the club container is by one of two very different routes, either:


1) Anyone walking, cycling or driving but not loading kayaks via the Thames path, (Google map directions). You will need to pass through the locked gates between the Sailing Club and the Boathouse. The session/trip leader will open the gate if necessary. If you are driving then park near the end of Putney Embankment and then walk up the towpath. Please be aware that the end of Putney Embankment is liable to flooding at high tide so park accordingly.


2) Only if loading kayaks on your car for a club trip, via Queen Elizabeth Walk through Barn Elms Sportsground by car, (Google Maps directions). . A keyholder must be present as the front gate at the end of Queen Elizabeth Walk will be locked outside of the sportsground opening hours. You must shut and re-lock all gates after you have passed through them, even if you plan to return through them shortly. You must obey all the speed limits and have your hazard lights on whilst driving through the Sportsground

PLA Guidance

All traffic, (including canoes and kayaks), on the Tidal Thames, (i.e. down river of Teddington lock), is regulated by the Port of London Authority.

Failure to comply with PLA rules can result in you being fined £5,000

The PLA provide important information about paddling on the Tidal Thames on the Boating on the Thames website.

Individuals and group leaders who paddle on the Tidal Thames must follow the more detailed PLA guidance for paddlers and rowers.

Club Container
PLA Guidance
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