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Canoe Polo Tournament

November 28th saw the mighty Battersea Canoe Polo team head to Dagenham for our second tournament in our assault on Division 4 South East. We had won all five games in our first tournament but with a few team changes and matches against four teams we had not seen in action, we knew that a repeat performance would not be easy. Nevertheless the team of Donald, David, Yugi, Zibbi and myself were confident and ready for the challenge!

First up was Nomad B, a team that we always seem to struggle against for no apparent reason. Sure enough today was no exception. It was the first time we had played as a team and it showed. We quickly managed to concede four goals and whilst David managed a consolation it wasn’t the best start. Second up was St Albans Other, a team with some good youngsters. We played our best polo of the day, however, moving the ball well and putting pressure on the opposition when they had the ball. Final Score 3-1 to Battersea. Next up was St Albans Women who proved to be a strong and well organised team. We were sloppy, and were caught on the break several times, but with the help of some good goalkeeping and a missed penalty, it was still nil-nil in the last few seconds of the match. Unfortunately we were caught on the break once again and they scored with the last move of the game. Final game was Nomad D. Again we were far from our best, but David was able to put us one-nil up and we were able to hang on for a narrow victory. In the end a reasonable tournament, which left us second by a single point at the halfway point in the league.



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